ICDM 2022 Workshop
Foundation Models in Vision and Language


State-of-the-art AI systems can learn directly from whatever information they’re given — without relying on heavily labeled data sets to teach them. Such easy-to-collect data provides a more flexible form of supervision and a more affordable solution to data scalabilility. By training deep neural networks with a large number of parameters on such heterogeneous data, recent foundation models have shown great promises in generality and usability. For example:

One appealing property of these foundation models is their superior performance on zero-shot and few-shot adaptation to various new real-world tasks. We propose this "Foundation Models in Vision and Language (FOMO-VL)" workshop, aiming to gather academic and industry communities to work on foundation models to solve real-world scenarios, focusing on the challenge of building AI models that learn from heterogeneous data to gain task-level transfer ability. This year, our workshop FOMO-VL workshop will be held in conjunction with ICDM 2022, Orlando, FL, USA.

Important dates

  • Workshop paper submission deadline: September 2, 2022
  • Workshop paper acceptance decision to authors: September 23, 2022
  • Workshop dates (estimated): November 30 - December 3, 2022

Invited Speakers

To be announced.


Changyou Chen
University at Buffalo, SUNY

Chunyuan Li
Microsoft Research, Redmond

Jiahui Yu
Google Brain

Hongxia Yang
Alibaba Group

Paul Pu Liang
Carnegie Mellon University

Yi Xu

Son Tran

Belinda Zeng

Plain Academic